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Quality Train Interiors

Doncaster Trimmers also specialise in full Train interiors. Using the highest quality leather, or advanced high quality textiles, we can fully service, refurbish and install new interiors to your specification in all your carriages, offering a luxurious travel experience for your customers, while also reducing maintenance costs for your business.

We have previously worked with high profile industry clients such as East Midlands Trains, for whom we were proud to complete a full refurbishment contract on their entire fleet of trains.

We worked closely with the client to implement and install separate specifications for Standard and First Class carriages. All seats in Standard Class carriages were fitted with a custom deluxe red fabric:

Deluxe Red Fabric - Standard Class East Midlands Trains

The First Class carriages were each fitted with a luxurious custom blue leather interior:

East Midlands Trains, First Class - blue leather interior

We have also recently completed refurbishing First Great Western’s First Class carriages:

First Great Western - First Class Carriage

Please view our gallery for more examples.

Contact us today! Our dedicated, professional sales team will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide a competitive quote.

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