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Doncaster Trimmers also specialise in Automotive window tinting and privacy windows. We offer services installing various tinting shades for any type of vehicle, throughout the UK, for both dealerships and individuals.

BMW 3 Series Window Tint

The benefits of Tinting

  • Reduced Glare – Tinting your vehicle can drastically reduce glare from the sun, making driving on bright days much safer
  • Reduced UV – Tinting can dramatically reduce UV rays, which are damaging to both you, and your new leather interior
  • Cooling – Tinting can have a cooling effect on your vehicle, allowing for a more pleasant drive, and reducing costs associated with running air conditioning
  • Security – Not only may tinting act as a deterent, but the tinting film will also hold shattered glass in place, making it difficult for a potential thief to access your valuables
  • Looks great – Window Tinting also looks fantastic, and greatly enhances the appeal of your vehicle

Mercedes C220 CDI Tint

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